Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Numb Away All These Feelings.

Ugh, my eye is ichty and swollen.
Fuck me..
In a pissy mood...

Talked to Kate and then to my Dad about this fucked up situation... I got two different responses but then again I think I might go with Kate's.
My Dad says I should be happy for them, and learn how to forgive and to forget.
Over my dead fucking body.
He doesn't know the situtation as Kate does, then again Kate knows everything about it.
Kate says I deserve to be angry and that I should show it (in a respective manner of corse).
She also says that I've been screwed over and that these emotions will not be passing anytime soon so she suggest just getting angry out now might be helpful. Well lets hope.
I'm filled up with so much emotions, especially the ones that haunt me from the past.
It's overwhelming me and I don't know what to do about them.
Facebook also doesn't help one fucking bit.
Hate seeing those fucking posts...
Fuck Facebook. *Sighs*.

Where the hell did I put my Capt.Morgans?

I just want to numb away all these feelings.

So long and farewell?

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