Thursday, January 14, 2010

Well Hunny, You Fucked Up.

A lot of crap has been going on since Tuesday and well… I feel quite battered up.
BETRAYAL still rings in my ears. Was talking (more like ranting) to Kate about the situation I was in and I thought she would tell me to calm down and that I should just let it rest. Well, she’s like my guardian angel. She was quite taken back on how I am being treated through this situation and says I deserve to be pissed off about it. I was so hyped up telling her about this that I felt kind of bad for yelling (not at Kate but… just how I was explaining things), but she says it’s okay and that the reason she was there was to listen to me. Kate is so awesome. I tried making myself feel better by going by one of my favourite stores and buying a pipe.
And hell, it did make me feel quite happy. I love it! Is it weird calling a pipe cute? Well it is.
Might be uploading pictures of it onto here… hopefully I will get around to doing it.
It’s name is Cherrywinkle. Yes, I gave it a name. And yes, I know I’m weird, but heck! It’s awesome.

Anyways, it’s pissing me off to see my “so-called sister” updated her Facebook status saying “Too much drama is going on… fml” and some person replied to her status saying “awe you poor girl, you will get through it in no time”.
Well you know what? FUCK HER. She thinks she is going through a hard time?
I scream BULLSHIT.
And fuck my life? What about mine you stupid girl! You have no idea what I’m going through and you think you’re going through a hard time?
Bitch please. I have more on my rap sheet than you would ever have in a million years.
You said that you didn’t mean for this to happen and that it was out of your control.
I scream BULLSHIT again.
You knew what you were doing and you are being fucking selfish.
Not giving a shit how people feel.
So much for you being a “real friend”. And how dare you dare tell me “We’ve been best friends/sisters for three years and I don’t want to lose you”. Well hunny, you fucked it up.
You also fucked it up more by accepting too.
There is only hate in this heart of mine for you my dear “sister”.

And to you, my “FRIEND”. You somehow unconsciously started this whole thing. UNCONSCIOUSLY TOO? How the hell did that happen?
You can’t fall in love with a person in the matter of what?
Well screw you.
You probably lost me too.

So long and farewell?

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  1. You may want to consider that she saved you from a cheating douchebag.