Thursday, January 7, 2010


Went to QA today for the last final test thingy I had to do.
Didn't have to go back to school after so my dad took me to Starbucks (even though I wasn't really in the mood) and bought me coffee (which amazingly enough I wasn't in the mood for that either... and it was grande too... Is it just me or did the grande size got bigger?) which was alright I suppose, didn't feel well after.

Missing a specific person like crazy... feeling really alone now these days.

Suppose to be cleaning my room... fuck that, I'll do it later.
I feel dead. Seriously.
No thoughts, no feelings, no nothing.
Just dead.

I want someone or anyone to come by and randomly hang out with me... but then again... everybody usually forgets where I live or they just don't bother.
Oh well.

So long and farewell?

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