Tuesday, January 19, 2010

But Heck I'm One Happy Bunny!

Is it possible to get a small high from taking too many Tylonal (and other thingys)?
Mhmm, I'm all the sudden very happy and it is kind of freaking me out!

After chain-smoking for the past week I felt like complete shit, for example... earlyier today I had a really shitty headache and the smell of smoke was really getting to me.
So I decided to quit smoking (again and hopefully it does work out for abit) and gave my smokes away to Vince and Silas. Felt pretty good about that. =]
It was also funny though that I had three people offering me smokes and I said no. Where the heck were these people when I actually wanted one? Haha.

I miss you so much Brayden. <3


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