Sunday, January 24, 2010

What About The Booze?

I am debating wether or not I should cut my fringe tonight or wait till next week.

On another note, I should probably attempt to stop drinking. Drinking for me brings out alot of emotion and distress. There has been times when it has been fun and enjoyable but lately it doesn't work out like that anymore.
I don't drink too often but when I do, I don't stop.
My drinking scares the shit out of me.
I don't know if I really want to stop yet but in keeping of mind of what is better for me and for others I should atleast slow down.

I'm tired of being screwed over and being let down, I won't have any of it anymore.
People complain that I'm being uncivil about it but you know what? If it wasn't their own frekin fault I wouldn't be acting like this in the first place.
I still seem to need more time to cool down.
I stopped smoking again and I hope that it will stay like that for a decent amount of time.
Just got rid of my sore throat, so I am quite thankful for that.

My mother called me randomly today asking how I was and what my favourite pop was.
It took me off guard for abit, I mean... That is quite a random question.
I replied Coke because honestly I don't have a "favourite" and it was the only one I could think of at that precise moment of time.

She asked if it was the same Coca-Cola. . . (and yes those are ackward dots. . .)
"Yes mother, the very same."
"Oh good, I'll pick some up today after work then, I'll talk to you later, Bye!"
She hangs up on me.
Usually it would have been I who would have made the conversation extremely short but I suppose she was in a rush and had to do what I would call a "Hit and Run" phone call.
I didn't really mind but it is confirmed now that she is scheming.
My mother is scheming something big.
Something that probably has to do when for when I come down there in February.
But my main question is... Why the pop? What about the booze?

Oh for fucks sake. Back to the booze again.
Everything I talk about always ends up to talking about booze.
Oh fuck me, I'm craving buffalo wings again.

So long and farewell?

PS. I miss you sunshine.

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