Monday, January 4, 2010

It Takes Skills to Lose a Plastic Spoon.

Well... I am lost for words of what just happens moments ago (when writing this as a draft)...
It takes skills to lose a plastic spoon within two mintues of first recieving it for my raspberry and peach yoguet parfait from Starbucks. It just goes to prove my klutziness still attacks me like a dead baby.
Sorry for bringing up the dead baby... Jordan and I were trying to crack dead baby jokes earlyier today... Haha

What's the difference between a watermelon and a dead baby?
A watermelon floats.

Haha... sorry, I just had to put it in.
Anyways... Where was I? Oh yes, due to my confused look of wondering where the heck I put that spoon, the lady next to me giggled. I asked her if she've seen my spoon. She didnt. T__T *Sighs*.

I guess I should mention (if I haven't done so already, too lazy to check with my older posts) that I've dropped my Planning 10 class with Mz.Z (yay!) acouple months ago. I'm trying to take it online now. I called the people who were organizing it and left a message. They called back and left a message. I called them back again and left a message.
They didn't call me back yet. *Sighs*. I hate playing cat and mouse through answering machines. *Sighs*.
So no way I'm passing Planning 10 now before next semester. Shitfaced.
Well the only good thing about this is that I have a spare now for my D block (yay!).
So what do I do during my spare? CRASH ANOTHER CLASS OFCORSE! =D
Haha, nah I don't cause that much damage, but I do randomly for the majority of time, chill in Ms.P's English 11 class.
Just sit in the back, relax, and eat a shitload of crackers.
Mhmm... it reminds me of how I used to spend my time in that class last year (when I was actually in it). How the heck did I pass anyways? Oh well, Ms.P is amazing!
Today I went there again for my spare but I didn't stay long.
I walked down my favourite street to the Starbucks next to Chinatown.
And this is when the mystery of where my spoon go began.

Closed my umbrella (will be talking about umbrellas sooner or later...), ordered a latte, yogurt, spoon... ETC.
It will remain a mystery until I die.
Fuck me.

Trying to finish The Selected Poems of Rainer Maria Rilke. Translated ofcrose. =P

So long and farewell?

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