Sunday, January 10, 2010

Looking at Dirty Sites.

Special Note -> I was suppose to post this earlyier this on Friday but haven't done so.
So I'm finally doing it now.

Hello my dears.
Actually at school today for once!
Couldn't go all week (well the majority of it) because I had to go for tests at QA.
My dad and I thought it started on Monday but it actually started on Tuesday so we wasted time going there and then trying to drop me off at school on time.
Typical. I got there late.
Went there on Tuesday, was also suppose to go there on Wensday but the fact that we went through the tests pretty fast I didn't have to come, well unless if I wanted to hang out in the waiting room for acouple hours with no reason what-so-ever, then I could.
Well screw that.
I went to school, but ditched all my classes.
Hanged out at Ms.P's room for the entire day.
It was very relaxful. Had my stash of newspaper articles to disect.
I've been hitting the newspapers hard these days, puts the stressful things of my mind for abit.
Can't wait to go on anti-depressants. It will seriously make my life easyier.
Seriously it will!!!

Yesterday (Thursday, for people who don't have calendars) I tried uploading more kinkies but my laptop was being so slow that I couldn't even go on the site properly!


This image perfectly shows my facial expression. Fuck, this also happens to me when I'm looking at dirty sites and it stops loading halfway and I've been waiting for half an hour already! Fuck. Haha.
Anyways I did manage to upload them... eventually.
Will be posting my Christmas Inventory Thingy later this week.
Also will be explaing my issues about umbrellas too with that.

So long and farewell?

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