Saturday, December 19, 2009


It's funny how when I first started to blog that I would just whip something out of thin air and just blog my thoughts... but now, I prefer writing a draft of random thoughts of which is sloshed on every nook and cranny of the scrap piece of paper. The paper of which would have probably been my homework assignment that would have been due the next day.
Oh typical me.
It's actually quite difficult for me now, trying to type this without a draft outline of what I wanted to say.
The thinking begins and will hopefully end before the sun rises.
This week has been... um... what is that friken word? Mhmm... having a difficult time picking a work from the Thesaurus online site... WELL ANYWAYS, LETS JUST SAY IT WAS DIFFICULT!
There, I said it!

I swear I can't think straight.
Reading a book called "Someone Like You". Possibly the worst choice for me to be reading at this time of year.
I was afraid to start reading it, but I eventually did. So the question is... How did the first couple chapters worked out? Well it's an okay book, not the greatest... I know what the plot is about but yet I took a chance to read it, knowing that possibly I would probably get quite emotional.
For the most part, the I don't relate to the majority of the story but for one part I do.
And that is where I fall the hardest.
I started reading it a quarter before my English class ended and when my class ended and I went outside for a smoke... I eventually started to cry.
Thankfully my "friend" and my sister were there to give me some comfort... but ugh... I felt like rubbish.
I miss him so much... it's going to be the first anniverisary of his death in a week.
I'm scared.

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