Friday, December 11, 2009

Appear "Obsessed" or "Infatuated".

Mhmmm... maybe I am starting to lose my touch at blogging..
More and more thoughts are swiriling in my head in an unorderly way.
Desicions to make, more shopping to finish, and trying not to lose my marbles. And all in less than one week.
Screwed much?
It's getting colder out lately which is nice for a change. I always have loved the cold even when I do complain about it. In a way that does make me a hypocrite, but what has possibly prompt me to complain in the first place was probably the wind.
I love the cold but I hate it when it does get windy out. I hate the wind as much as I hate auto-flusing toilets.
Luckly for me the wind has finally stopped and now the weather is almost perfect. All we hope now is it to snow.
My dear friend Mandy and I were planning on having another Coffin Grinder photoshoot (WINTER COLLECTION!) when it does snow. Mandy is being impatient though, she wanted to do it last week but I convinced her to wait and get the perfect winter setting we would need to make the photoshoot perfect.

Others news, my "friend" has left us for a week to go take wedding pictures in the States.... *Sighs*.
It's boring when he's not here. No doubt he is deffiently going to have some "fun" in LasVagas or any other place he does go. I hate the saying "What happens in Las Vagas, stays in Las Vagas."... kinda worries me. Bleh.
Well as long as he is happy, I'm happy. =]

I guess compared to others, I seem more reserved or lacking in affection (?) to others, but you know what? I'm used to keeping it to myself and then finding a personal setting to express those feelings to a person etc. but personally I do wish I was more open about with letting others know my affection for one or others. The word that would probably help explain my situation is shyness. I'm too shy to leave a message saying "I miss you so much, come back to me please!!!! *hearts* *hearts* *hearts* *hearts* *hearts*.
I'm afraid that if I do something like that, that it would make me appear "obsessed" or "infatuated" and that the person I've sent that to, would reject me.

Anyways... I've started reading Lady Oracle by Magaret Atwood. It seems promising.
Oh, I just remembered, my friend, Danica, went out to see her when she was here last week, and Danica got her to sign her chest! And right in front of her parnter! Hahahaha. She is such a lucky duck. I wished that I went.

So long and farewell?

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