Friday, December 11, 2009

Zombies Are Expensive.

Jesus Christ.

Went Christmas shopping the other day for my cousins, did pretty well for the stuff I got them, I do hope they like it, but... KARL BETTER APPRECIATE THE AWSOME EXPENSIVE ZOMBIE SURVIVAL T-SHIRT I GOT HIM!!!
Yeah it's a zombie t-shirt and it's pretty goddamn awesome.
I went by Utopia and saw that they were having a sale ($5-$10), it made me excited. Haha. So I went on a mission to get the perfect t-shirt that even my picky cousin can't refuse!
I went through so many frekin t-shirts that I was starting to get frustrated, then I saw it.
The Zombie Survival t-shirt. It was beautiful.
When I went to pay for it, I found out that it didn't cost $10 or $15 but $25!
FUCK, oh well I did buy it anways, but I was worried that I wouldn't have enough to pay for it... had $50 in my account and spent half of that already...
Amazingly enough I did, but it was close, 7 cents close...

I do want to mention that the gusy that work at Utopia are pretty chill but their sale signs decieved me.
Won't be going by there anytime soon unless somebody gives me the money for me to buy myself a Betty Page cigerette case ( *hint* pssst! it's only $25! *hint* ).

Oh and I forgot to mention earlyier that I'm going to Danica's birthday party tonight! It's going to be frekin AWESOME!!! It's funny how she used to babysit me when we used to live in Smithers in the 90's, moved around abit and then ended up in the same city. She's fantastic! =D

Kinda nervous about after school... but oh well. =]

So long and farewell?

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