Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Lumpy The Lumpsucker.


Okay, so there's this huge fish tank in my Biology class and it's filled up with a bunch of marine organisms including kelp. There once was this dinky fish that caught my eye acouple months ago and his name was Lumpy. Lumpy was a Pacific Spiney Lumpsucker. What is that you may say? WELL it's a fish that's the size and the shape of a small golfball with a suction cup underneath itself. He swims around and then when he gets tired he suddenly starts to suck the side of the glass and rests. Lumpy's original colour is exactly the same shade as Orange Crush, but he was then turning gray... not exactly.. a healthy colour for him. Didn't match his eyes at all. Usually when fish do change their colours... it means that they are very sick or potentially close to death. I told Mr.Y that Lumpy is going to die but he said that he was just sick and that he would get better. A week later, Lumpy went missing.

He's dead and now is residing in Mr.Y's fridge. Told you so. Anways, I guess all I can say now is that... Lumpy, we miss you and we'll never forget you, you silly sucker.

So long and farewell?

Lumpy the Lumpsucker

October 2008 - October 2009


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