Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Total Badass Here.

Mhmm.... so much for blogging on the 26th. Oh well, I got a good excuse.
I got too drunk.
There we go.
Lately, I 've been drinking more, I should probably stop? Well maybe, maybe not?
I'm amazed that I didn't cry my eyes out that day but heck the vodka shots helped out alot.
Vodka + Trampolien = FUN!
Memo to Self: Don't have cousins around when this happens... too much infomation is let out in such a short time. Plus one peticular individual would like to make a toast at my "future wedding" and mention a few things...
Over my dead body. Seriously.

I guess I should mention that Christmas was pretty great (alot better than last year's but don't tell my mother). Got alot f things I've asked for. Actually got my Dad his own presents with my own money! =D It depresses me that last year he had to buy his own presents because I ran out of money...
Memo to Self: Learn from your mistakes and then pretend they've never happened.
Might put a little (big) inventory of the stuff I've receive that morning. I'm not doing it to throw down people's throats (is that the term?) opps. I meant not to rub in people's faces (if there is people that even read my blog?). I just like making lists and then remind myself who gave them to me so I can send them a thank-you card, which would probably be late. I'm horrible at sending things through the mail... Had a bad experiance last year and acouple people didn't get my gifts I've sent then =[
So I have adapted a new phobia, a phobia of sending mail during the holidays. Pathetic eh?

Got a shit load of songs stuck in my head.... an their not what you would call... "my usual cup of tea".
Stupid song... *Sighs*.

Got to go before I get into trouble. BLKEH. <- (my new favourite word!) XD. By the way, I'm really, really, really looking forward to Sping and seeing a dear, dear friend of mine. *hearts*

So long and farewell?

PS. Here's one of my favourite songs at the moment. Also. I'm too lazy to check up on my grammar. Total badass here. XP

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  1. Is there a way to get Xanadu out of my head? I love it and all but dang...