Monday, December 14, 2009

Not The Smartest Idea in The World.

Mhmm not the greatest start to the morning… almost threw Mandy’s new pipe at Danielle. Why? It’s because I thought there wasn’t anything in the newspaper wrapping… but there was, that awesome skull pipe from Mexico. Scared the shit out of me when I realized there was something in it. Thankfully I stopped myself before I destroyed it. Riki would have shitted her pants... for she was the one who bought it for Mandy in the first place.
On the topic of that awesome skull pipe, I’m what you can say…. GREEN WITH ENVY.
Why does Mandy get a pipe and all I get is a dinky sombrero that can only fit a mandarin orange head? Oh well… it came from Mexico so it’s still pretty chill.
I somehow managed to convince a guy in my Bio class to buy me a pipe when he goes to Mexico during the break… that reminds me… got to get $10 to him before he leaves…

Okay… maybe I shouldn’t have gone on the computer last night… what the fuck is wrong with me? And how do I remember my passwords while intoxicated?

This weekend was FANTASTICAL!!!
Seriously it was.
Went to my friend’s Christmas/birthday party on Friday night. What could I say?
Probably one of the best parties of the whole year! It’s funny how I didn’t drink that much and yet I still got pretty smashed. Oh wait; it was probably the pot that did me in.
Wow, I am such a smart person to mix alcohol with drugs. Oh well, I will eventually learn my lesson… hopefully before it’s too late.
Felt like such a badass drinking my own beer and socializing with smart artistic people. Tehe.
I enjoyed it.

On Saturday I went to my friend’s baby shower. It was pretty good, but I kind of ate too much for my own good. Also I suppose it didn’t help that I was drinking shitty beer (thank god it was only one can!). WAIT A SECOND… why do people serve beer at bay showers? O_o
Anyways it was nice to see that Queenie and Harry were doing well. Queenie is due on the 28th and her “peanut” child will be called Dominic James Riches Fritzpatrick.
This is the third child to be named Dominic or Dominick from my friends… The coincidence scares the hell out of me, but at least now I know what not to name my future baby boy (if I do ever have one). Anyways, I’ve spent some time with Mariz as well during the baby shower. We went for a walk ad ate ice cream sandwiches on the way (and in the winter too!). It was relaxing.

Sunday, we finally put up our Charlie Brown Christmas tree. Yes it is small and dinky, just barely taller than me. Haha. I love decorating the house around this time of the year… makes the atmosphere more “homely-like” if you get what I mean. =] Our poor Christmas tree is engulfed by presents… I feel bad for it. Poor little tree is getting overwhelmed. Haha.
Chilled with a friend later that night (yesterday, last night), drank a pack of Kokanee beer by the Harbor. Would have been nicer if it was warmer out… drinking cold beers outside in the cold… not the smartest idea in the world.

Why the hell did I post that lastnight?

So long and farewell?

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