Sunday, November 15, 2009

Why The Russian Chick Had to Die.

I think that I am slightly addicted to this site.
Then again... I shouldn't be surprised. This usually happens to me with websites except for Twitter?
I would go on about once every 2 or 3 weeks and tweet the shit out of my account then leaving leave it to the next time I want to rant about life or certain people. Haha.

Went to see 2012 with my friend and his friend last night. Was pretty good... just wished there was more available seats...
I had to sit on my poor friend's lap; I probably would have concentrated more on the movie if I wasn't so worried about cutting the circulation off in his leg. My neck and back are sore... but it was worth it. Pretty decent seat and great company, sadly though my friend's friend had to sit somehwere else... the movie theatre was packed and it was impossible to find three free seats together. It was pissing me off especially when there were dinky fourteen year olds saving 3 to 4 seats at a time. Oh well. I like sitting on Simon's lap. Haha. =D
I don't know why the Russian chick had to die... maybe it was from the backlash of the giraffe's kiss of life?

Having a "curry" night at my dad's friend's place tonight. It's going to be really good!
Just thinking about it is making me very hungry.... yummy... ARGH! I CAN SMELL THE FOOD IN THE KITCHEN FROM MY ROOM!!! XD
This is pure torture!

So long and farewell?

PS. Brayden, every week I'll add a random kinky picture to my blog... just for you okay. =P
Maybe you should just make your own account and follow me? It will be alot easier for you instead of asking me for the link... which is never the correct one Haha.

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