Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Disbelief or Comments.

As some of you have been wondering... (if there is any of you at all that bothers to read this?) you can obviously see that I am a "dark" or what other people would say an "alternative" person and you know what? I wouldn't disagree with you.
This blog, the burntoutlighter, is the only way I can truly say what I want without worrying what other people think. I would love to believe that I have the balls (figure of speech) to be upfront about my thoughts, reasons, and personal life to the people that "know" me, but I don't.
In a way... this helps because if I can't really talk to anyone about this in the first place and just keeping it inside will eventually be tear me apart (which is deffiently not a good thing!).

My little mini profile on my page says I am a emotional and potentially violent person; it is true, but luckly not all the time. But then again why would I put it there in the first place? Well like I was trying to say before, I want to show my true self here than be bombarded with disbelief or comments from my friends and "family". *Sighs* I'm starting to run out of things to say.

Also I'm not going to be revealing any names except for quicnics in my blogs (ex. Mouse; I seriously forgotten her name though... seriously!), so yeah... if it confuses you... let it be because making me explain everything will just become a huge headache which shouldn't be desired.

So long and farewell?

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