Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Orange Juice Was Spiked.

I forgot to talk about that hockey game I went to the other night. I believe it was the um... EsquiamaltCougars vs. WestCoastWhat'sTheirNameTeam. Also saw Niko there with his friend "Eddie" (I forgot his name, so I made him a new one), and then chilled with them for abit. We got to throw frisbees into the rink, during the first intermission, trying to get it to the center of the rink to win a prize. Mine got nowhere near the center and yet I still won something? During the second intermission, Niko, "Eddie", and I went to Serious Coffee. Coming back into the arena my dad randomly called me saying I won a prize and that I had to go to the office to collect it. I went to the office, gave my name, and recieved a $10 gift certificate to Dominoes Pizza! *Yay!* =D Sadly the Cougars were not getting there act together and tied with the WCW'sTNT. Slightly disapointing but what ever, it was still fun. =D The gift certificate will probably be enough for garlic bread? Haha.

My friend Mel's birthday party was last night. Her actual birthday was on Tuesday and the party was suppose to happen then but due to the fact that the majority of people had other plans that it was moved to Friday.
It was frekin awesome! Beer, cats and Turkish vodka oh my! Haha. Got pretty drunk... Turkish vodka... mhmm... who knew that it would taste like liquorice? And that I, Sara, would actually drink it? O_O It actualy is pretty decent especially when mixed with Coke. Mhmm... what else happened?

Somebody spiked the orange juice. Apparently it was me. And apparently you have to be drunk to spike the orange juice. Why? Well actually I don't know... I can't seem to remember who told me that.... dizzy much?
Wait a second!... I do remember that people were taking shots and I filled their cups with orange juice....
...I REMEBER NOW! God, I am such a silly billy.

Left Mel's place and head to my "friend's" place. I am pretty god damn sure that I was talking to myself in a third person while walking over there. OH AND MOUSE WAS THERE! =D
Last night was fun.

Also... who knew that the ESL womanizer in my Planning worked at McDonalds? And that he took my order? Totaly unexpected, but it was nice. Had a quick converstation with him and left with my breakfast.
He is one of the few who actually make really good McDonald's coffee. =]

My thoughts in general at the moment... are confused. *Sighs* Why did I mentioned that I had a blog to him? Haha. Oh well...

I wish it will start snowing soon.

So long and farewell?

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