Friday, November 20, 2009

Fossilized Butt Imprint in the Mud.

Wow, what can I say? Last night was frekin fantastic!

Well I'm going to start with what happened earylier, after school. I finally met up with that guy that was selling that longboard - I was kinda afriad that he wouldn't show up because of the rain. The board looked pretty scruffy but it was it great condiction and it was a complete set! *Yay!* That board costs atleast around $300 and I only got it for $30!

Wow... I'm so lucky that I replied to my friend's status on Facebook. Acouple of my friends are grumpy that I got it first but I do know that guy was still trying to sell his bong off. I might have gotten it aswell if only I had extra money to spare.

Later in the early evening, my dad and I were invited to this equisite event at the Grand Pacific and wasn't even open to the public! We had our own little name tags... okay I'm used to having my name spelt with extra baggage aka the "h" at the end... but they also seemed to spell my last name wrong aswell. Silly people; we had a good laugh about it.

Sarah Akitson.

I suppose it does have a nice ring to it. A-KIT-SON. Haha.

Anyways there was an open bar (I was probably the only person there drinking a Pepsi), fresh oyster bar, endless supply of sushi and smoked fish... And then there was the refined chocolate fountain.
Surrounded by fruits and sweets, it stood up high for everyone to see and admire. =D

I left alittle bit earlier because I've already made plans to go iceskating with my "friend", Simon, later that evening.
Hilarious though... I was half an hour early... Opps.
I thought it was at 6... looking back at my texts... we were suppose to meet at 6.30> Haha. I then spent the remainder of my spare time walking around the mall. The mall was quiet and hardly anyone else around, it made the environment quite relaxing. =] Meet up with Simon (yes at the proper time) and headed to the arena.

Skating was sooooooooooo fun!!! =D I missed it so much! *Sighs* It's been ages since I last went so it was a special treat last night. We had such a lovely time that I didn't want it to stop. We tried taking pictures of us together, but it didn't really work out so we asked someone else to help take it instead. The picture turned out very nicely. I also took acouple pictures on my cell. =] ->

Photobucket Photobucket

It will deffiently be one of my favourite memories. =]

Now the ridiculous thing was when we were heading back to his place... we walked across our school's field of which turned into a lake (it's been raining like crazy earlier) and my shoe happened to get itself stuck. While trying to free myself, I got my foot free from my shoe but happened to slip and fall backwards, thus landing on my butt in a huge ass puddle. My shoe... was stuck in the mud and my socks were drenched. I just sat there in shock.
I have to admit... these series of unfortunate events were pretty funny.
Simon helped me up and asked if I was okay. He also helped get my shoe back from the evil mud monster...
We left the flooded field & my fossilized butt imprint in the mud, and walked back to the bus stop.

I had a great time iceskating with Simon, even when I fell into the mud afterwards. Haha.
I hope we can do it again... minus the mud though. =D

Going to Seattle tomorrow!!! =D

So long and farwell?

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