Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lessons By Touch.

Mhmm... Well that was unexpected.
Maybe I should see the world in colors than just simply black & white. Spending time with my "friend" last night has taught me things that I wasn't expecting to learn for atleast three years or so. It also relieves me of the usual nervousness I get when I do meet up with him. It is normal to get nervous especially when you are socializing with new people especially ones of whom you would plan to be aquainted with, but never the less I am the cricket and he is the master.
Where the hell did that come from?

Also I am quite excited for my "lover" to be visiting me around Spring time... or maybe sooner as he said, but the date is still unknown. It's suppose to be a surprise I guess, but yet I am ready to believe that he is going to surprise me for my birthday? Big question mark there. I still need to organize my life and hopefully my plans will not get in the way of my lover's visit. If things do get in the way... AKA BOYFRIEND (?) - (who ever that may be?) - (new "friend"?) - I should try to make sure I don't do anythign stupid like cheating. I strongly believe that cheating is the worst thing (besides lying and being deceitful) in a relationship; hopefully I can remain true to who ever I am with (?) and to myself.
Either way... I'm looking forward to his visit.

Jingle Bell Rock Fest is coming up pretty soon. Gotta make plans with friends for a possible after party? Should talk to Fish about that. Oh and I almost forgot, I really need to make $200 beforehand; there's this awesome corset at Aces'&Spades that I wanted to wear for the show and IT ACTUALLY FITS ME PERFECTLY! And it looks fantastic one me. Yay for corset vainty!

Its amazing how just by touch you could learn more about a person than you could ever expected.
I guess all I can say now is that I am looking forward to our next meeting, my friend.


  1. "I am the cricket he is the master" I'm going to use this phrase the next time anybody asks me why I drink so much beer...

    Love it.