Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Shrivled Up Worrywart.

Crap. Well I decided to "attempt" to quickly make a "quick" blog during my English 12 or... is it Communications 12 class? Anyways I don't have any time later today when I do get off from school beacuse I got to clean the whole frekin house from top to bottom.
It's extremely intenese and needs ALL my attention focused on it if I do want my house cleaned for my dad's upcoming birthday. I swear to god this is going to make me shit my pants (hopefully not literally ofcorse).
I miss Brayden so much, especially for the fact that he is currently chilling out in Alberta and I have no contact with him. And this turns me into a shrivled up worrywart.

Oh joy.

So I got the get my house house cleaned by tomorrow and I have to go to EVERY single class EVERY single day for the next two weeks if I am going to be on my dad's good side.
Bloody fuck, I'm so honestly lazy, its pathetic.
AND I got to get all the bloody homework I am missing in by Thursday.
Yes, as you can tell by now, I am crap at organizing a timetable and myself to get my life sorted out. Fun eh?
Yesterday I finally got all my photos developed and paid for (extrememly in debt now) and got them posted on facebook. But here are acouple for kicks (ILOVEYOUJENNI!). Enjoy and I might post some dirty kinky pictures on later this week.
It is depressing that I used to have made it a tradition for myself to post kinky pictures but haven't done so in ages.
Oh well..

So long and farewell?

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